Scanning tips for the perfect picture for your
"instant" automatic business web site

The easiest and quickest way to scan photos for use on bizshowcase is with a combination of Lview Pro and Ulead Smartsaver Pro.

1. Place photo or picture in scanner.

2. Open Lview Pro.

3. Click file.

4. Click acquire.

5. Settings should be set to: true color, reflective, 300 dpi, 100%, and auto adjust.

6. Click preview.

7. When preview appears click on pointer arrow from menu bar and holding down the mouse button crop the portion of the picture you want to scan with a rectangular outline.

8. Click scan.

9. When scanning is done click image.

10. Click resize.

11. Click 320x200.

12. Click file.

13. Click save as and name the file and save it as a gif format.

14. Close Lview and open Ulead Smartsaver Pro.

15. Click file.

16. Click open and retrieve the file from where you saved it.

17. Click on optimizer.

18. Make sure the jpg icon is clicked and not the gif or png.

19. The quality should ideally be set between 60 and 75...note the size of the file increases as the quality increases.

20.Click file and then click save as web images, OR click on the floppy icon to save as. File should be saved as a jpg to minimize size.

Note: The smaller size the quicker the picture will load onto the page on the web site, as well as conserve space on your site so you can have the optimal number of pages.

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